Karan Singh Bhardwaj

I know its hard

Yes some days are dark, sometimes it feels like we are loosing, it doesn’t matter how hard we try, but it is the way to live and keep on going 😄

You are responsible

You are responsible for anything, and everything in your life, the life that you are leading right now is the result of choices you made in past. 💯

Who decided that?

You will win against me? Who decided that?

You can out perform me? Who decided that?

I will be the one who decides 💪🏻

What’s wrong?

Did you find something down there on the ground? ~ Escanor

Great things happens outside

I felt it Great things happens outside the comfort zone, subject yourself to discomfort and the experience you gain will be more valuable than any book

it is hard to think

properly thinking is one of the most complex task you can ever do

Everything is perspective

Sometimes we think how certain people can make this big of a mistake but remember in that situation their brains were justified

Want to be secure?

If you really want to find snakes start testing with your loved ones, family and friends because people closest to you will cause the most harm

You yes you

You are just there almost there keep pushing until you win