Karan Singh Bhardwaj

Projects and Personal Initiatives

🌟 Diving into My Portfolio: Professional Projects and Personal Endeavors ✨

(Note: these are just some of my works, due to NDA and contracts adding every professional project here is not possible)


PRD, Ui & Ux Sample
Web Analytics Suite

Launched a free to use websuit, where user can monitor and analyse there web traffice called : 


SEO Analysis & Report Suite

A free to use website for SEO analysis and report generation called:


400+ Web Tools

Choose from over 470+ quick & easy to use premium web tools for free.


QR Generator

Generate simple & advanced QR codes. Easy, customizable & trackable.


Ai Bio Pages

Shorten URLs, create bio link pages, custom QR codes, vcard links, file links & more.


Stay in control of your links with advanced features for shortening, targeting, and tracking.


Numerology Calculator

Pythagoras and Chaldean Calculator


Hybrid Secure Mailing Service

A cost effective Hybrid email service, which combine power of Google workspace, Opensource Webmail and Mailchannels to provide stable email service less than 1$ per month per email. for now only on request basis.