Karan Singh Bhardwaj

Step by step

Step by step you can travel more than you ever imagined

Constant and consistent

If you keep moving forward constantly and consistently nobody, I mean nobody can stop you

In return

Nobody going to believe you, and all will say you will fail, The moment you start winning in return you get CONGRATULATIONS, WE ALWAYS HAD BELIEVE IN YOU 😁 GUYS KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DOING NOBODY MATTERS

Baby steps

I was thinking, met one person who wanted to start a blog but don’t know how, made whole blog for that person and made that person really happy, this is something to live for that smile 😁

Wishful thinking vs Optimism

Both have differences of fine line make sure you are on correct side


It may take time

It may take time, it may take energy, it is worth doing? Then don’t stop

Time goes by

Days, months or even years will go by, make sure you use them

How will you know

If you don’t try to open every door, how will you know which one is for you?